Work approach

In my opinion, there is no such thing as "the one right psychological approach". I like to combine different methods and approaches that have been empirically tested and their (positive) effects have been proven.

In my practice cognitive behavioural and schema therapeutic methods and techniques are used most frequently. In my work I also consider psychodynamic processes, i.e. unconscious thoughts and emotions, as important components in the healing process. By observing ourselves we can understand a lot about our own behavior. And if we understand something? Then we can maybe start accepting it, which in turn has a healing effect. Or when we understand something, we could also start a change...
In general, respectful interpersonal interaction, supplemented with resource- and needs-oriented approaches, forms an important basis for my work. At the same time, I also use a holistic approach, that takes into account and emphasises people's personal responsibilities and the importance of self-determination.